It’s really important that we support new team members in their transition to being a member of the GreenShoot Labs team.

We want new team members to be happy, engaged and effective as soon as possible.

This section of our handbook explains what we do to support new team members, from the day they sign their GreenShoot Labs contract, through to the end of their first year with the company.

Like all our processes, onboarding is something we review regularly to make sure it’s doing the job that we need it to.


You’ll find that everyone in the agency will be able to help you out and point you in the right direction. In particular, your line manager is accountable for ensuring your successful transition and will be there to work with you where needed.

This section of our Handbook sets out the expectations that we have for the successful onboarding of new team members joining the agency.

Everyone is different, so each person’s induction will happen differently but our expectations about the outcomes are the same.

A successful first six months

Over time we expect all our team members to be self-led and be able to work effectively as part of our self-organising project teams.

But we understand that the way we do things might be different to what you’ve experienced elsewhere.

That’s why we have a specific approach to ensuring you have a successful first six months at GreenShoot Labs.

It’s a focused period when you’ll be doing a lot of learning – about GreenShoot Labs, our team members, how we do things and about your role.

Successfully completing your first six months is a milestone in your work with GreenShoot Labs and is a great achievement.

Your line manager and fellow team members are there to support and help you to successfully complete your first year.

Before you start

Onboarding begins once you’ve signed your contract and have an agreed start date.

We'll ensure the arrangements for your first day are clear (where to be, when, how to get there) and that your IT equipment is set up ready. We'll also make sure you have access fobs and keys for our offices.