Equipment budget

The basics

GreenShoot Labs provides all team members with a laptop and core software.
In the office, we also provide things like keyboards, screens, internet access and stationery.
Most of us also have extra tools we need to be able to do our work efficiently. That might be a bit of kit to use with your Mac, some specialist software or some hardware you want to experiment with.
The company provides a budget of up to £500 to each team member each calendar year, to spend at their discretion on anything that helps them do their job at GreenShoot Labs better.
What you spend that on is up to you – spend the money like it was your own.
But don’t just spend it because it’s there - money is obviously a valuable resource we all worked hard to obtain.
No-one pre-approves what you spend it on. Be prepared to share the resource with your colleagues if need be.
To use your allowance, buy the item/service/thing, add it to the tool list and add to Receipt Bank for approval.
Where possible, get someone with a company card to make the payment, although you can buy it on a personal credit card and be reimbursed by BACS. We also have a company Amazon account through which purchases can be made.

The small print

  • Anything you buy remains company property.
  • You need to take good care of it.
  • If you leave, you need to return any equipment purchased under this scheme, along with other company kit.
  • If you’re using it for non-work purposes and you break it then you need to replace it at your own cost.
  • There’s an open list of who’s got/bought what, so that everyone can share tools where appropriate.
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