Business continuity - COVID-19
Our ways of working are already designed to enable fully remote working for a sustained period of time - as all team members are able to work flexibly already.
We have prepared this information to help team members and clients prepare for any potential escalation of the current situation. Our focus is on the health and safety of our staff, their families and our clients, while maintaining business continuity as much as possible.
We have set out some additional measures that we are taking to ensure preparedness and clarify how decisions will be made in the event of any escalation of the situation.
This is a rapidly evolving situation, so we will review this guidance each day and update it as necessary. If you have any questions at all relating to this, please speak with your line manager or the CEO.

Working arrangements until further notice

We have reviewed our current advice to team members based on the latest information available from the UK government following the announcements on Monday, 17th March.
It’s important to emphasise that we are well set up for a change in how we work with minimal impact on our day-to-day activities. We have full home working systems and our delivery processes have been location-independent for many years.
These measures are intended to minimise risks for our team members and their families, as well as ensuring that we are responsible community members and minimising potential impacts on more vulnerable members of society.
In particular we are seeking to minimise the risks that are likely to be presented during from team members travelling on public transport, being in busy public spaces and attending public events and conferences.
From Wednesday, 10th March, the following arrangements will apply until further notice:

Normal working location

As an employer we are mandating that all team members work from home. We are fully set up for this and have already tested these arrangements with each team member.
The offices are now closed. They can be used by prior arrangement only. If you need to use the office please speak with to your line manager beforehand to ensure risks are managed and we follow government guidance.

Internal meetings (GreenShoot Labs, within The Panoply etc)

All internal meetings should be held remotely using Zoom.

Internal events

All internal team events involving face to face presence are suspended.

Client meetings and workshops

All client meetings and workshops should be held remotely using Zoom. There are now no exceptions to this.

Public events eg conferences

GreenShoot Labs team members will not attend any public events, conferences or presentations until further notice.
No new bookings or commitments to future events should be made without a prior discussion with your line manager.

Foreign travel

GreenShoot Labs team members will not undertake any work travel until further notice.
No new bookings or commitments to future travel should be made without a prior discussion with your line manager.
Questions, concerns or clarifications?
If you have any questions about this, please speak to your line manager.

Team members

School closures and caring responsibilities

We appreciate that for some people the closure of schools and nurseries may mean that you need to be primary carer for your children during working hours for some periods. Normally this wouldn’t be possible as it’s hard to work effectively and care for children, especially young children, at the same time.
In understanding this, we have outlined some revised ways of working for those of you affected to help you balance work alongside carer responsibilities. By arrangement with your line manager only, we are happy to consider things like:
  • Flexibility on core hours
  • Flexibility to spread your hours over a 7 day week
  • A focus on working billable hours only, for a short period of time
If you’re working over a weekend it’s your responsibility to make sure you have enough work lined up and that you’re not blocked by anyone who is not online. Please also ensure you submit your timesheets on a Sunday if you’re working over the weekend.
If you have any caring responsibilities that you need flexibility to help with, please speak with your line manager to agree how we can be flexible in response to your specific circumstances. We’ll be making sure we’re supporting everyone as consistently and fairly as possible.

Personal preparedness

All team members should be prepared for the closure of offices with no notice. This means ensuring they have the equipment (laptop, charger, back-up disc etc) to work from home indefinitely. In practice, this means no such equipment should be left in the office from now on.
Team members should ensure that their home working arrangements are fully functional to enable them to work from home effectively (internet access, working environment, VPN access etc). All team members have verified that they have checked their home working arrangements are effective for this purpose.
If you are travelling away from home for more than a day, you should take this equipment with you in the unlikely event of you being unable to return home due to government-enforced travel restrictions.

Personal travel

All team members should ensure they are aware of the government’s latest advice relating to travel and coronavirus. If you have been to any areas affected by coronavirus as listed on the government website you should follow the official advice and make your line manager aware.
We will be pragmatic in the event of a team member needing to self-isolate due to coronavirus and will support team members on a case-by-case basis if this happens.


If you feel ill and are unable to work - whether related to coronavirus or not - please report this to your line manager as usual.
Normal processes for sickness reporting and management continue to apply.
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